Just For Carers
Full Terms of Rental

   Just For Carers


1) Only the above client
and /or their
nominated employees are allowed to
drive the above assigned vehicle(s)
and under no circumstances can any
one, even with their own insurance
(including family members and friends)
be allowed to drive the vehicle without
written permission of  the company JFC

2) The vehicle is to be fully
comprehensively insured
by the hirer at all times and
keep JFC fully indemnified against all
losses how so ever caused. All of our
vehicles are valued between 1 and
3 thousand pounds so please inform
your insurers when arranging your
car policy and cover.

3) All our cars are rented to you on
a month by month basis offering
no need for
any long term commitment although
should you wish to have a fixed term
we will be pleased to arrange this
for you to suit yourself.

4) Giving your car back is easy
Weekly paying customers need only to
give a weeks notice of cancellation.
Monthly paying customers need only to
give a months notice of cancellation

5) Any accident of any nature must be
reported to the company immediately
initially by telephone and then later in
writing explaining the nature of the
accident and detailing any other people,
property and or vehicles that were
involved in the incident.

6) The hirer must keep the vehicle in a
clean and presentable condition inside
and out.

7) If the vehicle is returned to us in an
unclean and un useable condition then
a charge of £75 per vehicle will be
levied for cleaning.

8) All tyres are the responsibility of
the hirer.
We genuinely cannot come to
you quick enough to change a puncture.
Your AA cover will of course help you
if you need them to help you in any
Instant road side emergency.

Any damage to tyres, punctures, wheel
trims, slow and fully deflated punctures,
loss of tyre changing equipment must
be paid by the hirer. We cannot cover
tyres or any car equipment in he low
rental rental price of your car.

9) Unfortunately your vehicle is not
allowed out of the country.
We have no way of helping you in a
foreign country should you need us to
help or service your car in any way.

10) The vehicle is not allowed to be
used for racing purposes, any hire
or reward activities.

11) The vehicle is allowed for
business use and all mileage is
included in the rental.

12) The vehicle is not to be used for
the training of drivers wishing to
pass their test.

13) The vehicle must not be modified
in any way

14) The hirer agrees to drive the
vehicle in accordance with the
highway code.

15) All maintenance of the vehicle
must be made by the company JFC

16) JFC retains the legal ownership
of the vehicle at all times and retains
the right to
reclaim the vehicle at anytime
without notification.

17) Any fines i.e. parking, speeding,
fixed penalty, clamping, or any other
claims or costs, however created,
are the responsibility of the hirer.
You are also welcome to borrow another
car while your usual rented vehicle is
being serviced and or maintained as
long as the hirer Insures the loaned
vehicle on their own insurance.
All fines and penalties for the loaned
vehicle still remain the hirers
Any authority in any form making
a claim against your vehicle for any
damage, any loss, any Infringements,
or anything otherwise not listed here,
will have the hirers information sent to
the relevant authority and remains the
hirers responsibility in all cases.

18) Should the vehicle be filled with
the wrong fuel, the hirer is responsible
for the rectification costs for this error
and any
other related costs including
vehicle collection.

19) The hirer agrees to have their own
emergency roadside services, such as
the AA, RAC or Green Flag etc.

20) Loss of car keys and repair of
damaged car keys are the responsibility
of the hirer.

21) All hire charges must be paid on
time and the hirer agrees to do this.

22) Failure to pay on time will result in
recovery of the vehicle and all costs for
this will be the responsibility of the hirer.
Loss of car keys in this process will also
be the responsibility of the hirer.

23) The hirer agrees not to allow
smoking in the vehicle.

24) The hirer agrees that the
company is not responsible for
any costs incurred
if the vehicle breaks down and
business or private meetings
can not be met.

25) Should your vehicle be stolen
please call us / JFC immediately
and we will call
the Police with all the vehicle details
and also activate the cars locater beacon
so that the Police can intercept the car
and recover it and all of your
possessions in it.

26) The company does not maintain or
refill the vehicle air conditioning system
although the hirer is free to refill the
vehicle at anytime to suit weather

27) The company is not responsible
for any windscreen replacement
or repair.

28) We Have No Time Limits
There is no time limit on renting our cars
but we do ask that the cars are not rented
for holiday periods such as a 2 weeks
summer holidays etc. as this takes cars
out of the overall availability for our
and all working carers

29) Documents needed to
rent a car with us are  ……

a) Current driving licence
b) Your national insurance number
c ) Comprehensive Insurance document
showing the vehicles registration
number and your name and address
d) A current utility bill for your home.